Slow luxury, luxury of the future?

Taking the wave from the slow fashion movement, slow luxury is making his way in our dressing rooms! Each one of us have his own definition of slow luxury, but we can agree on the fact that it is a new vision of luxury: a responsible, ethical or even committed luxury. A eco-inspired luxury vision shared by SANABAY Paris: good for us and good for the world.

“Slow” means taking it easy. Responsible luxury means taking the time to do it right and adhering to the basics of luxury: craftsmanship, noble materials, know-how and handmade products. A single object, that arouses an emotion resulting from a know-how of excellence and sustainable materials.

Towards an authentic luxury regaining nobility through eco-responsibility

An eco-luxury which places the object at the centre

Slow luxury is the very essence of authentic luxury, one that reconnects with its original values, its demands for quality and timelessness. A supportive and sincere luxury that reflects the beauty of the gestures that shape, that respects the man behind the object, that proposes a creation that passes the test of time and is ultimately passed on. A return to basic is on the way!